Who We Are: Quality and Self Expression Matter

We are a husband and wife team in constant search of the simple and beautiful elements of life. We have 3 wonderful children and tackle each day with our family at the heart of everything we do. We seek to live our truth by treating others with kindness, spending our time wisely, and remembering to have fun in the process.

We believe you’ll enjoy working with us because we take care of each project and person we connect with. We tailor our services to your individual needs and take you through the project one step at a time. Any home renovation is complex enough and we are committed to simplifying the process.

We chose to work through a local Amish family workshop because the partnership provides a platform to express our clients’ unique ideas. This is where urban design meets old world handcrafted Amish quality.

Why Amish? 

Working with an Amish cabinet maker provides an avenue to offer our customers custom quality craftsmanship for an extraordinary value. Small batch production allows for focus and attention to detail to each individual project built.

We can deliver this authentic quality for less than our retail competitors. How? We bring the “store” to you. The final product is one of quality built at a value through a simple process.
See the workshop


Our Experience? 

We have a combined 30+ years of experience in project management, design, material procurement, and residential remodeling in Chicago. Even so, there is so much more for us to learn. The beauty of what we do is that no project or client is exactly the same. We are eager to tackle new and uncharted territory through the partnerships and support network we have grown over these years.

Our experience includes working with homeowners looking to redesign their personal spaces as well as B2B clients looking for ways to improve their product offering and grow their business.

We are both actively involved in private and fortune 500 companies on a journey to perfect our craft, never stop learning, and provide value to each person we connect with.